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Let me help you.

With a background in engineering physics and a master's from MIT, I'm an experienced, EGBC-licensed professional engineer ready to help with your hardest challenges in research and technology development.

Contact me to discuss your project goals.


I have worked closely with Jacob for over five years on various research and development projects in the field of motion control.  Jacob has consistently impressed me with his depth of fundamental technical knowledge in so many areas - magnetics, optics, control systems, material science, statistics, and general physics, just to name a few.  His depth of knowledge in multiple fields enables him to solve tough engineering problems in novel and optimal ways that defeat traditional approaches.

— Andrew Lau, Director, Zaber Technologies


What I Do


- Full system design
- Concept review
- Modeling and optimization

- Automation

- Prototyping and testing

- Hardware, firmware,

  and scientific programming

- Simulation and data analysis


- Systems engineering

- Mechatronics

- Power electronics

- Firmware
- Sensors & actuators

- Feedback & controls

- Magnetics

- Electromechanics
- Optics

- Acoustics

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